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Creating Superior Results Faster in Uncertain Economic Times

The Strategic Acceleration approach is based on three concepts:

1. Clarity: understand your targets and the "why" behind them.

2. Focus: concentrate on what really matters and filter out what does not.

3. Execution: use effective communication to get things accomplished-faster!

The Tool you need to survive the economic crisis is now available in Tony Jeary's book, Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life

What's ahead? Most of us want to know what the future holds and our best hope is to know it with certainty! Unfortunately, the only certain thing about the future is uncertainty. That means leaders have to be diligent and prudent in creating organizational strategies for the future.

The speed of life today can produce instant and shocking change, without warning, and sometimes it is the kind of change that forces leaders to adapt and strategize in less than controlled or serene environments! The economic events of 2008 are a perfect case in point.

While we are as concerned about the current economy as anyone, these recent events have powerfully validated the basic premise of the book. The core message of Strategic Acceleration is that economic and social changes created by the speed of life today demand a new way of strategic thinking to support and sustain the creation of superior results. After all, leadership and success is essentially a results contest, and if you don't get the results you want and need, your vision will not become reality.

Whether you are a business leader, developer, or sales rep, or belong to a management group or organization, Strategic Acceleration is guaranteed to help you achieve and create superior results faster!

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